[Bug 3004] various DSOUND problems in alien vs predator

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[Bug 3004] various DSOUND problems in alien vs predator

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------- Additional Comments From [hidden email]  2005-29-05 09:50 -------
Felipe.. Do any of these errors actually cause any problems for you?  If not, it
probably is safe to ignore them..  As I said before,  wine is still in Alpha
stage, and is going to print a lot of messages like that.

I'm not sure exactly how to word this so it is correct (Marcus wanna help?) but,
AFAIK, there are a lot of games that will call for something and then never use
it.  In other words, they may tell Windows (wine in this case) that they are
going to use gltex_download_texture but then never do, which would explain why
there arent any obvious graphical glitches.  So, since they call things but
never use then never use them, wine prints out those messages..  Marcus, does
that sound about right?

Of course programs calling but not using things is what makes games so big.. but
at least it doesnt crash or freeze due to any of these messages

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