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[Bug 3011] New: err:int:DOSVM_Int2fHandler int2f

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           Summary: err:int:DOSVM_Int2fHandler int2f
           Product: Wine
           Version: 20050310
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: blocker
          Priority: P2
         Component: wine-binary
        AssignedTo: [hidden email]
        ReportedBy: [hidden email]

I'm newbie in Linux..I want to catch up some applications from windoze to Linux
(without VMware or other the same..so the remaining is Wine..). Well, I has
problems from the beginning..
The windows application is MiniLink Network Manager..from Ericsson..Hereafter is
the bug description:
- the installing just went OK..
- when I try to run the installed application:
        - the password window just appear ok..
        - after validate the password and some running (but before to reach the main
menu), I receive the following error:
err:int:DOSVM_Int2fHandler int2f: unknown/not implemented parameters:
int2f: AX 7b00, BX 0000, CX 001c, DX 1b37, SI 0000, DI 02c4, DS 191f, ES 1b37
after that..and after some module loading..:
trace:loaddll:MODULE_LoadModule16 Loaded module "WBTRLOCL.DLL" : native
trace:loaddll:MODULE_LoadModule16 Loaded module
"C:\\windows\\system\\wbtr32.exe" : native
trace:loaddll:MODULE_LoadModule16 Loaded module "SOUND.DLL" : builtin
a WATCOM Win385 window is opened with "Read error" inside..After I press the
WATCOM window OK button, the application freeze..and I need to coming out with
Some comments:
DOSVM_Int2fHandler API function is implemented in:
trace:loaddll:load_dll Loaded module L"c:\\windows\\system\\winedos.dll" : builtin
Of course I founded the equivalent winedos.dll.so in /usr/lib/wine folder..
Here is what I found in "wine-20050419-1fc3winehq.src.rpm", more specific
in:/wine-20050419/dlls/winedos/int2f.c (C-source file for DOSVM_Int2fHandler):
 * DOS interrupt 2fh handler
 *  Cdrom - device driver emulation - Audio features.*/
hmm..weird because application don't use cdrom at all..
Any suggestions..?

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