[Bug 3044] CSpy/Date and Time Picker: selection of commas or weekday

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[Bug 3044] CSpy/Date and Time Picker: selection of commas or weekday

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------- Additional Comments From [hidden email]  2005-08-06 13:54 -------
Additional inconsistencies: when the calendar pops up, and you then click in the
background, the date selector (opened as a separate window) stays popped up and
*ABOVE* the window clicked on (which may even be from another application).
This is a more serious design flaw, relative to the other, more cosmetic
problems.  A tricky note here--to be consistent, we have to make sure that if
the date box is popped up, and the user clicks on another application, that the
popup box is not closed, but rather, the box stays above the original parent
window, but below the new window clicked on.


However, this seems tied to additional problems as well.  For example, when you
click on the text portion of the combo box, while the calendar is popped up, in
windows, the calendar will disappear.  However, under wine, the calendar stays
up while the text gets selected.  This behaviour is bad because you can then
change the date by pressing the up and down arrows, but this change will not be
reflected in the displayed popup.  It would be simpler and generate more
efficient code for us to not try to implement the new feature of updating the
date, but rather, just have the behaviour work exactly like windows--unpopup the
 date box when the user clicks in the text part of the combo box.

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