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[Bug 8051] Sims 2 demo exits prematurely

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--- Comment #155 from Peter Beutner <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to Alexandr Oleynikov from comment #149)
> fixme:d3d:wined3d_device_process_vertices Output vertex declaration not
> implemented yet.
> err:d3d:get_flexible_vertex_size Unexpected position mask: 0x0

I only see these errors when shaders are disabled in the game.
try open the ingame console(ctrl+shift+c) and enter:
boolProp useShaders true

then move the camera around a bit to force things to redraw.

the game has it's own ruleset for gfx configuration (TSData/Res/Config/Graphics
Rules.sgr, which it uses to enable/disable features/workarounds based on your
gfx card vendor/card name or even just the driver version.
On recent hardware that often fails miserably (even on windows).
you can open the file and try to fix things for your card (look for section
"Apply gfx device specific workarounds"). If I understand it right it disables
shaders in general for nvidia cards, then enables it only for specific models.

check the log file(%USERPROFILE%\Documents\EA games\The Sims
2\Logs\${machine}-config.log). it will show you which settings make it in the
game in the end)

instead of editing 'Graphics Rules.sgr' you can also put the commands in
Userstartup.cheat. see here:

also hardcoding the ps/vs shader level to 2 can be removed from the swswine's
patch i think. At least I didn't notice any graphical issues.

last note, since somebody mentioned that the results differ depending on the
patch level/expansion pack installed, this was tested with base game + seasons
expansion installed.

=== Application info ===
Name:            The Sims 2 EP5

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