Patch to make Czech font selection dialog usable

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Patch to make Czech font selection dialog usable

Michal Suchanek-4
The patch adds all the elements for font selection dialog from En rc
file to Cs rc file.

The elements are hopefully translated correctly. At least the dialog
is now usable in Notepad.

There are still problems with the Czech version:
- the default sample text is shown although the text is translated in
the rc file. As the sample text is not editable in the dialog it is
impossible to tell if the accented characters work properly.
- the dialog is smaller than the English version. The dimensoins vere
copied from the English file so this should not be the problem. The
dialog is not missing any functionality because of this except there
is no drag button on the scrollbars as the lists are only two lines


Michal Suchanek

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