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REGEDIT: Find/Find Next

Krzysztof Foltman
 * Added Find functions
 * Some refactoring that made Find functions possible
   - GetItemPath returns a heap-allocated string
   - subtree update put into a separate function UpdateExpandingTree
   - error() utility function made public (so that it can be used for "
 * Find functions are grayed/ungrayed based on context (which fixes
invalid 'grayed' flag in some localizations)
 * InvalidateRect to fix display glitches coming from using WM_SETREDRAW
 * English and Polish resource updates (Find dialog box and Find menu
options, string not found message)

I'm aware of the fact it's a major update, however:
 - refactoring applied isn't very risky
 - even if the Find code proves buggy in some rare situations, it's
still a kind of progress over status quo (no Find at all) :-)
 - some people really wanted it :-)


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