enhmfdrv: Return proper values from GDI APIs

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enhmfdrv: Return proper values from GDI APIs

Phil Krylov

This patch fixes EMF rendering in some programs that depend on the fact
that SetTextAlign(), SetBkMode(), SetROP2(), SetPolyFillMode(), and
SetStretchBltMode() return proper values when called on a EMF device


Fixed EMFDRV_SetTextAlign, EMFDRV_SetBkMode, EMFDRV_SetROP2,
EMFDRV_SetPolyFillMode, and EMFDRV_SetStretchBltMode to return proper
old values of modes that are being set. Added FIXMEs for other cases of
improper return values.

-- Ph.

enhmfdrv-retval.patch (4K) Download Attachment